Sunday, November 8, 2009

Of Pasties

Oh, hello Blog. Allow me to mumble a half-assed apology for not remembering you existed. Work, school, life....Google account, computer....alright good. That could have been awkward.

Tonight I'm going to see a burlesque show. Yes! Why? It started last week. I was at Heather's apartment getting ready to go out for Halloween. We were all dressed up and ready to go, and I don't remember what we were talking about, but I blurted out "You know, I've never told anyone this before, but I've always wanted to be a burlesque dancer." Maybe it was the half bottle of Summit making its way through my compressed digestive system, or maybe you just reach a certain level of intimacy with a person after they've stood behind you long enough to lace up a corset. I can't say for sure. But she said, "So do I! We should take classes!" Unexpected! But, I figured, she's right! Why not?

So tonight we're going to see a burlesque show. It's Phase 2 of our research (Phase 1 was spending most of yesterday afternoon on Etsy looking at corsets and pasties). I figure it can go one of two ways. Either I will be so intimidated by seeing the real thing that I will never want to even think about burlesque again, or I'll decide I have to do it, because I could do at least as good a job as the performers did. I'm thinking it will probably be the latter - I saw a performance years ago, and I was pretty drunk, but from what I recall all the woman did was shimmy around on stage and take most of her clothes off. She wasn't even that skinny. If that's all there is to it, there's no way I could fail. Kinda chunky girls taking most of their clothes off? Around here, we call that getting home from work! All I need to learn to do is not stop midway through to eat a sandwich (maybe there's a way to incorporate that into the act? I don't know; that's what the classes are for).

Tonight I'm going to see a burlesque show. Gonna try something new. This should be fun.

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