About Me

Oh hi! I'm Naomi, and this is my blog. But you probably know that already. Here are some things you might not know:
  • I am in my mid-20s and live in Minneapolis with my boyfriend and my cat.
  • I'm a hopefully-not-much-longer perpetual student majoring in Technical Communications. Currently I am a wannabe editor and a pretend designer, and I hope to upgrade at least one of those adjectives to "professional" in the near future.
  • I'm a research clerk in a bank, a position I've held since about two months before the financial industry collapsed in on itself. My greatest achievement to date has been not getting laid off.
  • I'm also an organist and the handbell ensemble director at Redemption Lutheran Church in Bloomington.
  • I have a craft room filled with a fancy sewing machine and a lot of fabric. Make no mistake; this is not the same thing as being a crafty or creative person.
  • I played basketball when I was younger. This doesn't really have any relevance except that at some point it will be mentioned that I'm almost six feet tall, and whenever a tall girl's height is mentioned the basketball question comes up. Now we don't have to ever talk about it again.

    Need more information? Here are your options:
    • If you're saying to yourself, "I wish Naomi came with metadata," you'll want to check out my Facebook page;
    • To witness firsthand the tragedy of hashtag addiction, follow me on Twitter;
    • For something a bit more professional, visit my portfolio;
    • And if you've forgotten where you are, don't worry.

      That should do it! Feel free to take a look around -- read, comment, share, and enjoy!